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OKPar Terms and Agreements

OKPar’s policies and rules and regulations

Warmly welcome to OKPar.

if you are going to use the services of OKPar, it is inevitable for you to know the policies and rules and regulations described in the following statement. The policies of OKPar can be categorized as follows -

1.Service policies

2.Information policies and

3.Penalty policies.

Since those policies, rules and regulations are inevitable to know and follow by OKPar users, we would like to urge you to read them without fail and in seriousness. Whether you may have read or not those policies, rules and regulations, we deem that you have already understood and agreed to follow them.

Chapter (1)

Services Policies

1.Services rendered by OKPar

OKPar is a technology that builds a communication society for mankind and designed to bring people more closely. For enabling to use the technology more conveniently, OKPar is providing the following services. They are –

(1-1) Arrangement for the use in one’s own preference form,

(1-2) Arrangement for linking with other societies,

(1-3) Arrangement for writing and posting personal data,

(1-4) Arrangement to promote goods, trademarks and images,

(1-5) Atonement to counter the measures affecting people and to protect one own’s community,

(1-6) Arrangement for any person to use the services which are harm free and pragmatic and

(1-7) Arrangement for researches to find ways to better improve the services provided by OKPar.

2.Legal impact of OKPar

Since OKPar is created mainly for the use by Myanmar citizens, matters relating to OKPar will be governed by the existing laws of Republic of the Union of Myanmar and will apply those laws. Should any issue arises relating to international law, shall abide by the remarks of the OKPar’s management committee.

3.Informations policies and private data

The users’ information has to be stored and used with the aims for the users to be able to use OKPar smoothly at ease and for security purpose. In doing so, detailed function will be described in Chapter (2) Information policies. Non-the-less, users shall get the right to choose the policy of his/her own preference.

4.Facts to be followed when using OKPar

Our aim is to increase amity and communications in human society by using OKPar.

(4-1) Who can use OKPar?

Apart from the people who are restricted, persons of any colour, race, country or region, has the right to use OKPar. (Restricted persons will be described in a separate file.

(4-2) Who are not allowed to use OKPar?

Everyone is invited to use OKPar since it is a social network. But any person who is contrary with one or more of the following facts, the individual is restricted to use OKPar.

(a)Young people who are under 13.

(b)The persons who are banned from using OKPar for violating OKPar’s rules or policies,

(c)The persons who are banned from using relevant government social networks.

(4-3) Tips for users

(a)Use your real name. (If it is a nick name, we would like to urge you to use the other real name.)

(b)We would like to urge to fill correct facts and data about yourself.

(c)Individuals should create and use only one account.

(d)Please use your account privately by yourself. Do not share your password or account with other people.

(e)Individuals should not hand-over one’s own account to other people (without the permissions of OKPar’s admin team).

(4-4) What you can share on OKPar?

Since OKPar is a social network, it will definitely be shared and used among the societies. Each user may share the facts that they would like to on a social network called OKPar if they are not contrary to the following facts. They are –

(a)The things that are contrary to the copy right policies, directives, orders, instructions, rules and laws and restrictions,

(b)The things that are contrary to the rules and laws, directives and instructions of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar,

(c) The things that are contrary to the rules, laws, orders and directives of international organizations,

(d)The things that are contrary to the International rules, laws, orders and directives.

(e)The things that have negative repercussions on the norms, values, respect, interest and integrity of an individual or organization or other things.

(f)The things violating the rules and laws, orders and directives of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, International organizations and internationally recognized copy right, intellectual property.

(g)The things that will stimulate small or big issues relating to political, social, and religion.

(h)Things that are contrary to the social norms, code of conducts, ethics and culture,

(i)Things that are contrary to the rules, regulations and restrictions of OKPar admin team, and

(j)Things that are contrary to the specific restrictions issued by the government departments.

5.Things that are permitted by OKPar to the users.

(5-1) Users may create things at will.

(5-2) Users may use OKPar as a platform for advertisements,

(5-3) Users may upgrade software,

(5-4) Things that have no conflict with intellectual properties rights - Misusing and violation of intellectual properties rights while using social network are critical issues. As OKPar is expanding widely among social society, it is legally permitting the things that are not conflict with interjectural property rights. Anything that are conflicting with interjectural properties rights shall not be permitted to use.

6.General rules and regulations.

(6-1) transformation of rules and regulations,

(6-2) suspending or deleting accountings,

(6-3) Carrying out the conflicting facts,

(6-4) Solving the disputes,

(6-5) Miscellaneous

Chapter (2)

Information Policies

Being a social network, OKPar has set up information policies to be followed by everyone who would like to use it. Every OKPar user needs to have read the information policies to understand them and we are sharing those policies to available any time. As soon as OKPar is used, we automatically regarded the person as already understand and agreed to apply for the following information policies and as a result, any OKPar user cannot say that they do not know the policies.

7.OKPar collects information

(7.1) OKPar admin team collects necessary information in line with rules and regulations from the individuals who apply for the right to use OKPar. The purpose of this collection is to share basic information of the person who is going to use the social network with other people and to use when OKPar provide its services.

(7.2) Any OKPar user will get the change to use OKPar only after filling up basic information that are inevitable to fill up. The user may fill other requested facts if he/she wishes to, in addition to the facts that are inevitable to fill up.

(7.3) The user is accountable for the facts that he/she filled up. OKPar team is not accountable to whether the facts are true or false.

(7.4) Should the user fill up the facts which are of other people or organization, only the individual who filled them up is accountable. OKPar team will not take any accountability.

(7.5) As soon as information’s filled by the users are received, OKPar team will keep them safely with the use of technologies and will not share with any other private request.

(7.6) The filler shall agree when OKPar team has to transfer inevitably under the law the information which are against the law or if the national level ministries give official instruction.

(7.7) It is regarded as the paragraph (8.6) is agreed from the time the user filled up the information.

8.Ownership of the information

(8.1) OKPar assumes that the user automatically agreed that (a) the information filled by the user during the period of using OKPar, (b) the information that he/she used, (c) pictures, (d) photos, (e) detailed sound file, (f) movie file (g) texts, (h) documents and (i) software which are created and stored in a partition of OKPar is partially owned by OKPar whether they may be the properties owned by the sharer or shared with the permission of other owner ( with or without permission) because they are in the domain of OKPar.

(8.2) The prescription contained in the paragraph (8.8) referred to possession only. It does not mean that OKPar team is going to take responsibility of every issue. (clarification: Just regarding as procession but not taking responsibilities of every issue.)

(8.3) The sharer shall totally agree if the OKPar admin team manage in line with law the facts shared on OKPar.

(8.4) Should any dispute on ownership, the right to use and intellectual properties concerning the information happens, it is the responsibility of relevant stakeholder to address the problem by themselves. OKPar team will not intervene in any issue.

9.Sharing the facts

(9.1) Anyone who is on OKPar has the right to share any fact freely at will.

(9.2) The share is responsible for any fact that he/she shared on OKPar. OKPar team is not going to take any responsibility concerning the facts he/she shared at will.

(9.3) If any dispute arises concerning the facts shared on OKPar, the persons concerned shall have to address the disputes on their own and OKPar team will not intervene nor take responsibility.

(9.4) If issues concerning coper right, intellectual property rights dispute or legal affairs relating to the facts shared on OKPar arise, OKPar team will not intervene nor address any issue because the team did not involve in any of such issue.

(9.5) If the facts shared on OKPar are found to be fraud, intended to destroy the benefits to other people, contrary to the ethics and legal procedure or without approval and should other users reported to delete such facts and such reports reach the set number, OKPar is going to delete such posts and comments. The users shall agree that such kind of deleting is done with OKPar team’s authority.

(9.6) Should the sharer appeal with strong reason for the posts deleted due to the reports, OKPar team will reconsider such kind of deleted posts. But it does not definitely mean the team is going to cancel the deleting.

(9.7) If the shares (shared posts and comments) do not meet the criteria nor misleading and other users request with strong evidence not to keep allowing the user from keep using it, the OKPar team will carry out the following things if it receives many of such requests.

(a) Warning,

(b) Strictly warning,

(c) Temporary stopping and

(d) Permanently stopping.

(9.8) Generally, the activities in the paragraph (10.7) shall be carried out step by step but some cases shall be carried out directly as necessary.

(9.9) When the OKPar users share the facts, OKPar team is going to collect data based on those facts, do research, and overview by deeming such activities are approved since the time they are posted. It is not necessary to seek approval specifically for the above-mentioned activities because according to the paragraph (9.1), such facts are owned by OKPar team.

(9.10) OKPar team will not directly transfer the facts shared by OKPar users as economic or political facts.

(9.11) OKPar team is going to protect to the best of its ability the facts shared by OKPar users. But it cannot be deemed negligence of OKPar team if facts are leaked accidentally due to the hackers who are superior in technologies or violation of any person. If such thing happens OKPar team will restore cyber security as soon as possible and protect the data of users to the best of its ability.

(9.12) If the facts and data of OKPar users were lost accidently while OKPar team is upgrading software, updating security system, changing appearances, carrying out defence plans, increasing functions and services, OKPar team will not take the responsibility of such losses because these are not done purposely to damage the data. But if the users request to recover those data, the team will try to restore them but will not guarantee to get them back.

Chapter (3)


The functions of OKPar will be operated only under the existing law, rules, regulations, orders and directives of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. OKPar will respect the international laws which are not contrary to the laws, rules, regulations, orders and directives of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

10.Terrorist acts and penalties

(10.1) Possibility of terrorist acts: OKPar team is deemed to take the responsibility of the team to prevent negative impacts in the outside world due to the facts shared by OKPar users. Therefore, should the writing of any of OKPar users can be assumed pressured or threaten to commit violate against an individual or an organization or a community, OKPar team will take necessary actions. Even if it is done just for fun or as a joke, may it be done with any purpose, OKPar team is going to take necessary actions should the act was remarked as potentially have the threat of violence. The creator of such posts that can cause the threats or done in the form of violence act and affect other people, the posts will be deleted, will send warning to the users, will stop the users’ account temporarily or permanently. Besides, should the case be serious, will take legal action against such users in consultation with legally responsible persons if necessary.

(10.2) Dangerous people and organizations: Whenever necessary OKPar is going to delete the posts of the persons who can be regarded as dangerous by law or traditional customs or notorious and those who involve in these writings and their supporters, warn them or stopping their accounts. The persons who commit (a) terrorist act, (b) hatred, (c) commit human trafficking, (d ) murdering individual or massacre (e ) committed criminal acts, ( f ) abuse narcotic drugs and trafficking, (g ) religious, racial harassment, (h) cultural and traditional harassment will be regarded as dangerous persons or organizations and action will be taken against them. Likewise, similar actions will be taken against their supporters.

(10.3) Encouraging crimes: Although do not commit any criminal act, if a person encourages or support those who commit criminal acts seriously or just as a joke or mocking, that person will be regarded as encouraging crimes and actions will be taken against such individual.

(10.4) Restricted goods: the following things are restricted to protect the security of users and to be in conformity with legal procedures. They are –

(a) production and selling of drugs which are not for health care service.

(b) selling drugs without any recommendation of relevant pharmacist or organization,

(c) Selling marijuana and narcotic drugs,

(d) selling weapons and explosives,

(e) Selling the items prohibited by relevant authorities by prescribing law, order and directives,

11.Terrorist organizations and terrorists

(11.1) Terrorist Organizations: An organization that threaten or anticipate and attempt to threaten people, government or human society to achieve their political, religious or the goal they’ve set is regarded as a terrorist organization.

(11.2) Terrorists: Individuals who act as a leader or a member of a terrorist organization or who do not stand as a member though, supporting a terrorist organization and terrorists are also regarded as terrorists.

(11.3) Murderers: Individuals who kill only one person or more are regarded as a murderer.

(11.4) Human Traffickers: Individuals who gather, send, transfer or contain adult/under-aged persons with the aim to become forced labourer, slave, prostitute are regarded as human traffickers.

(11.5) culprits: Persons who committed murder case, drugs trafficking, weapon trafficking, theft of documents, money laundering, money extortion by means of threatening or human trafficking, assaults, kidnaping or sexual exploitation are regarded as culprits.


Individuals or organizations who committed the above-mentioned paragraphs (11) and (12) will be banned from using OKPar application.